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Integrated Sound Therapy

Project CHILLD is one of the most experienced Integrated Sound Therapy clinics in New England and one the few clinics that offer a complete listening assessment. Our experienced staff creates individualized programs that target the specific needs of each client.

Listening is our most basic skill and is the foundation for competency in speaking, reading, writing and social interaction. The ear plays a fundamental role in speech, language, attention, motor skills and coordination. Integrated Sound Therapy uses psychoacoustic techniques and specially designed headphones to re-educate the ear, auditory pathways and vestibular pathways. With this holistic approach, we are able to target three major sensory systems simultaneously:  the auditory, visual and vestibular systems.  requires the brain to become better at integrating multi-sensory information. The auditory and vestibular input, combined with specific visual and balance activities, essentially re-trains the brain to become more efficient and effective.


Why combine movement, listening, and visual stimulation?  The three systems are vital to our ability to learn, pay attention, process information and coordinate movement. As these systems are so interrelated, “exercising” them simultaneously helps re-organize neural pathways for greater efficiency, resulting in functional performance changes in the following areas:​

  • Sensory Processing and organization

  • Neurovegatative changes (e.g. eating, sleeping patterns)

  • Decreased hypersensitivity to sound

  • Improved language fluency and processing

  • Improved motivation and self esteem

  • Improved academic performance 

  • Increased curiosity and desire for learning

  • Improved precision in handwriting

  • Improved motor control, posture, coordination, and balance 

  • Improved musical ability

Please contact us for more information about integrated sound therapy services.

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