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Occupational Therapy

The primary role of occupational therapy lies in function.  Occupational therapists enable people to participate in their occupations of living including school, work, play, leisure, self-care, and social participation.  Following an injury, illness, or accident, an occupational therapist aims to restore an individual to his or her prior level of function. Restoration of function is different for each individual.  Each of us has different roles, habits, routines and daily activities in which we participate.  In addition, our individual physical, physiological, emotional, and cognitive factors impact the way we fulfill those roles.

Childhood occupations include play, social participation, school, and self-care activities.  Through these occupations, children learn about their environments, their peers, and their own capabilities.  Factors impeding function for a child are sometimes a result of injury or trauma, but often are developmental and idiopathic.

In our extensive evaluation process, our therapists examine all factors that may impact a child’s ability to attain his optimal level of function. Our approach is to examine all systems from sensory to biomechanical to cognitive to emotional, in order to obtain a complete picture of the child’s functional level and capabilities. We understand that decreased strength and coordination may not be completely biomechanical in nature, but may stem from primitive reflexes or executive functioning factors; and that lack of independence and participation in self-care may be more than a cognitive or developmental delay, but may potentially be rooted in a sensory processing disorder.  Our skilled and experienced therapists provide a range of evaluative services for children of all diagnoses from infants through young adults.

In our state-of-the-art treatment facility, our therapists create a sensory-rich environment to match each individual child’s needs. We provide your child with the “just right” challenge in a safe setting where your child can feel the confidence to succeed.

Our dynamic team of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants have backgrounds in early intervention, school settings, private clinics, hospitals and community-based programs. They are committed to providing every individual and family with a positive and supportive environment while developing each individual’s functional independence and highest level of success in community living.

Please contact us for more information about occupational therapy services.

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