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Group Programs

We are offering a variety of social skills groups for clients of various age groups. While social skills are the primary focus, the central theme of each series differs to complement the many interests of our clients. Our groups are designed to promote peer interactions, problem-solving, team-building, and sensory/emotional regulation with the ultimate goal of enhanced play and social participation.
Groups may be structured around a curriculum, or uniquely tailored to address client needs. Group timeframes and age-level vary by group. Groups are comprised of two to six participants, who are teamed together based on group dynamic, client needs, and format.
Below are some examples of group themes, though we are continuously developing new group programs.

  • “In the Zone” Social Skills Group

  • Outdoor Fun Social Skills Group

  • Fine Motor Bootcamp Social Skills Group

  • Social Thinking Social Skills Group

  • Back to School Prep Social Skills Group

  • Fit Kids Social Skills Group

Please contact Danielle at for more information.

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