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Occupational Therapist

Christine King began her career as an occupational therapist in 1996 after earning a degree from North Shore Community College. She spent 12 years providing occupational therapy services in a public-school setting, then joined the Project CHILLD team in 2002. Prior to having children, Christine worked in several community-based programs, which helped to build the foundational skills she would later use as a therapist. She served as a staff supervisor, advocate and counselor, providing crisis intervention services and running social skills groups. Christine later played a key role in the development and opening of an adolescent assessment center for Northeastern Family Institute, where she became the Assistant Director. Additionally, Christine and her husband served as foster parents. In 2012, Christine traveled to Haiti with, where the group provided supplies, constructed equipment and trained staff and volunteers in an orphanage for severely disabled children.

Christine’s professional experience includes a variety of public speaking engagements and trainings. She was honored as the keynote speaker at the 2017 Rethinking Autism Conference in Indiana, where she presented on motor planning and communication. Additionally, Christine completed and presented several case studies for Integrated Listening Systems at their International Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Christine has received extensive training in several sound therapy programs, such as Integrated Sound Therapy, Dynamic Listening Systems and The Listening Program. She has also furthered her occupational therapy education in many areas including Brain Highways, The Alert Program, Brain Gym and Handwriting Without Tears.